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Why Buy From Us?


  • You can buy Vitamix machines from online foreign vendors (although it may be at least a hundred dollars cheaper, but warranty issues may be a problem if machine breaks down). You may need to purchase an appropriate transformer (not cheap too) in order for it to work in Singapore otherwise it will be damaged due to the voltage difference.
  • Vitamix machine bought from us bears the “Safety Mark” sticker. All units are built with parts specifically manufactured and designed for usage in Singapore, including importantly the correct power voltage. If you’re buying for usage here, DO NOT buy from foreign individual sellers as they might be not in line with the power here. You enjoy 5-10 years warranty and worry free of extra repair costs.

  • Online foreign vendors do not provide the warranty & repair if the machine needs to be repaired. Finally there is the import & customs duties and GST on your order over SGD400. That’s why their cost is cheaper, this is one factor you may have overlooked.
  • Our delivery time is flexible (evening latest 10:00pm). Simply let us know what time you want it delivered and we will get it to you.
  • We arrange delivery to you.

Warranty: Making Sure You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth safety mark

As these machines have very powerful motor, special precautionary steps have been taken by Vitamix to ensure it conforms to the power voltage here and safe to use.

The SAFETY Mark indicates that the products’ design has been tested and certified to be compliant with the relevant safety standards. For most appliance categories, the presence of the SAFETY Mark also indicates that internal safeguards have been incorporated to protect against fire and electrical hazards.

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