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Why Blendtec Is Your Best Bet For Quality Blender

Growing up with a deep fascination in mechanical engines, Tom Dickson loved to come up with his own creations. This led to one of his greatest inventions yet, the Blendtec home blender, which he had long stated to experiment with by blending planks of wood long before his award winning video series ‘Will It Blend?’.

In this YouTube video, Tom Dickson, the CEO of Blendtec, is blending unusual items such as marbles, handles racks and even an iPhone. Although this seems like a crazy thing to do, it just goes to show the capability of the Blendtec domestic blender in a metaphoric fashion; if it can blend all of those tough items how about normal food? The blender is even touted as one of the few home appliances with the same durability and strength as you would find in a commercial blender.

Like most inventors, Tom has an inquisitive mind from an early age. In 1975, his curiosity about how wheat kernels would work if integrated with the science behind a vacuum saw him change the wheat milling industry with his stainless steel milling heads. This latter phased out stone grinding machines. In one of his projects, Tom ventured to create his own unique blender that came with an added twist of a square jar rather than the traditional round one. Just as smoothies started gaining popularity, Tom Dickson was incorporating new ideas from his milling business while trying to build better commercial level blending appliances.

It was in 1995 that the Smoothies era had started to grow, and blenders were a vital tool for food vendors who were trying to keep up with technology. Blendtec was designed as one of the first models with a microprocessor that regulates the rotating speed of the motor. Noise reduction, programmable settings and automatic switching are some of the innovative functionalities that blender manufactures started to come up with as application of new technology became commonplace in the commercial food processing market.

green-smoothiesMuch has changed since then as far as current blender designs are concerned. Blenders made specifically for making smoothies and frozen coffees are just some of the newest versions in the market, which have also created a whole new category of products. As one of the pioneering advanced blenders, Blendtec became one of the best appliances in food retail businesses because of its ability to blend high quality beverages.

If you are thinking about getting a blender for your home or even business, a Blendtec home blender will make a smooth and tasty drink at the push of a button. What is even fascinating about this product is that it is easy to operate. Blendtec blenders work with microprocessors that automatically control blends cycles, thus allowing you to blend at varying speeds through its cycle button. What you get from this appliance is a quality drink that will make customers keep coming back!

While Blendtech started out just as an idea courtesy of Tom Dickson’s curious mind, today it is one of the largest brands in over 80 countries around the world. What started out as a simple fascination latter turned out to become a blender design that is found in thousands of homes, restaurants coffee shops and many other commercial food establishments.

HP3A Home Blender – Premium 3 Horsepower Home Blender by Blendtecblendtec-home-blender








Blendtec is one of the leading brands that makes top of the line blenders. Their modified square jar is light weight and made of bulletproof tritan copolyester which is easy to clean. The jug is fitted with a single blade with direct-drive linkage which combines high performance and flexibility in a blender. Regardless of whether you intend to churn some fruit juice, blend a smoothie or grind flax seeds, a Blendtec domestic grade blender delivers the expected results in a matter of minutes.

A Blendtech home blender is designed with high power components. It can withstand up to 2000 hours of non-stop load as proven by the ‘2X4’ test which proves that its precision motors have enough power to grind a thick pied of wood into tiny wood-chips.


Here is an outline of what this blender has to offer

Item features

The Blendtec blender comes with a direct-drive assembly that preserves motor power. The blade speed is up to 29,000 revolutions per minute; enough power to crush ice into snowflakes!

With its wingtip and single-blade design, you can continue blending without ever needing to sharpen the blade. Unlike other blenders, this Blendtech version does not come with a spool, tamper or stick to position ingredients on the blade, thus allowing easy, hands free operation.

Our Blendtec Vortex comes with an onboard microprocessor chip that controls load limit and blade speed. To operate this device, you enjoy using the Smart-Touch controls.

The jug comes with a 2-3 liter capacity and features an indestructible design that pours contents in 3 ways. It is easy to maintain the jug. This jug is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. Unlike other blenders, our model is devoid of knobs, buttons or dials that get clogged by bits of food, plus the blade is soldered to perfection, thus allowing you to blend healthy drinks for the whole family.

Select the jug size and base color of your choice.

In addition, the blender comes with a lifetime warranty on motor coupling while jug blades have a 7 year warranty.

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