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Why Choose Vitamix 5200?

If you are a health freak, and are looking for a quick and convenient way to prepare your meals, then the Vitamix 5200 has to be a part of your kitchen. This is a versatile kitchen appliance, and performs extremely well. One of the most notable things is the fact that it has no attachment whatsoever, making for a great kitchen necessity. What makes the Vitamix 5200 such a performer? Well, the answer lies in the powerful motor that the appliance possesses. The Vitamix brand is used in some of the best hotels where you wine and dine, so how about transferring the same quality to your home?

vitamix 5200

Features of Vitamix 5200

There is a dial that regulates the speed of the motor. This motor works well, irrespective of the amount of food content which has been placed. The appliance has a speed of between 11mph and 240 mph. This is a far cry from your conventional blender, and is part of the reason why Vitamix 5200 stands out from other brands.

Vitamix 5200 has two types of blades: the wet and the dry. The two types of blades work differently, but the similarity between them is that they preserve the nutritional value of the food. When compared to other blenders, Vitamix 5200 delivers up to thrice the nutritional content and this is definitely an advantage for the user. In addition to the blades, the appliance also has a stainless steel hammermill.

When using the Vitamix 5200 appliance, there is a long lasting container whose purpose is to direct each food particle to the blades’ action to ensure great results each time the blender is used. This container is also referred to as the ‘wet’ container. Consequently, there is a ‘dry’ container whose function is to grind grains and dry food stuff. Examples of foods used in the dry container include beans, soybeans and rice, particularly when you want to get home made flour.

With such effective blades, the manufactures of Vitamix 5200 had to come up with a fool proof way to prevent damage to the blades and containers. For this reason, there is a device known as an accelerator tool, and whose purpose is to avert the harm of cutting blades. This has also been shown to aid in blending viscous mixtures relatively easy.

What are the extras that you will get when you purchase the Vitamix 5200?

The Vitamix comes with a guide that will help you to get started on the basic operations of the blender. There is also a DVD that offers an insight into some of the processes that you could use with the appliance. This visual presentation makes for a fun way to learn the various procedures. The third extra is a cookbook that provides whole food recipes you could use. There are as many as 400 absolutely tantalizing recipes you are bound to fall in love with. A whole grains cookbook also provides you with information on how to prepare different types of pastries, including those that are free of gluten.



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