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Vitamix FAQ

Why my Vitamix container is not tightly fitted?
It is normal the container slightly move on the motor base when the power is turned on. If the motor base is wobbling on your countertop, the reason could be due to the drive socket.

Is Vitamix a good choice blender?
Yes. Vitamix is worth getting not only they are convenient, they are durable, powerful, and versatile than the other competition on the market. They are built to last. Making smoothies, soups or nut butter, Vitamix delivers power and precision.

Is Vitamix better compare to other blenders?
The Vitamix’s blades create friction from a cold raw ingredients to making hot soup within a few minutes. For ice crushing you pulverize it to see how uniform and fine the ice gets.

How long is the Vitamix warranty?
Home models warranty is ten (10) years.

Is it possible to make hot soup in Vitamix?
Yes. Steaming-hot nutritious soup in under 10 minutes from fresh ingredients, right in the container.

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