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blender | juicerMost people often interchange blenders with juicers. They often think that juicers can do what blenders can do, and vice versa. In actuality, these two appliances perform different processes. Unlike blenders, juicers have the capacity to separate fibers from the foods. This is because a blender works on everything that you put into it, including the fibers. On the other hand, a juicer has the ability to separate the foods fibers from the food.

The bottom line is obvious. A food blender is a multi-functional appliance. On the other hand, a juicer performs a specific task, which is to extract pure juice from the fruits and vegetables.

If you are searching for a specific tool to use for juicing only, then you should get a juicer. I strongly recommend the one I am using – Hurom Juicer. Conversely, if you are not only interested in juicing, but also making smoothies and other things, then you should definitely get a blender.

The difference between a juicer and a blender can be viewed in different ways. Choosing a blender over a juicer may come as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how the user intends to use it. If, for example, you want to start a juicing diet, then you should probably choose a juicer.

A juicing diet requires you to drink only purely extracted juice from fruits and vegetables. Because of this, you do not want any fibers on your juice. Since juicers have the ability to remove or separate the juice from its fibers, then a juicer is your choice. On the other hand, fiber can also help in regulating the sugar absorption into your bloodstream. Since fibers are included in blended juice, you should use a blender to create juice drinks high in fiber.

Juice Blender | Smoothie

Why You Need a Good Quality Blender?

High horsepower blenders are important for several reasons. One of which is diversity in terms of usage. An average blender allows you to mix, grind, emulsify and puree foods – normal foods. However, high quality and high performance blenders are not restricted to these processes.

Some blender enthusiasts have been trying and experimenting on the use of blenders. Most of the advertisements you will find will tell you the different uses of a blender. However, you will be surprise to hear what blender enthusiasts have found out.

Some blender uses have tried using heavy-duty blenders to make dog food, and even tried grinding non-foods. Because of the powerful machines used by these heavy-duty blenders, they have expanded the typical use of a blender.

Heavy-duty blenders also provide more health benefits as compared to normal blenders. Unlike normal blenders, high-performance blenders like the Vitamix 5200 have the ability to utilize and breakdown the cell structures of food. This ability allows you to digest almost all of the nutrition found in raw foods.

Aside from that, high-performance blenders also have the capacity to cook food. You might be surprised as to what these powerful blenders can do to your foods. Most people already know that high performance blenders can actually be used to create sherbets and ice creams. However, what other people don’t know is that these blenders also have the ability to cook soup within minutes.

Selecting Good Blenders

Several factors must be considered before purchasing a blender. These factors will help you distinguish a high quality blender from a typical blender. One of the things you should look into when purchasing blender is the jug.

A wise buyer should also consider checking the cleaning requirements of a blender. Although most blenders are easy to clean, some blenders are actually more difficult to clean. You should purchase a blender that can easily be cleaned.

High quality should also offer different blending speed. This is very important. Not all blenders have this feature. Blenders with various speed options are more versatile. It gives you more options on what you can do with the blender.

You should also consider the blade angle and power when purchasing blenders. One secret way to distinguish a low-quality blender from a high-quality blender is by checking how powerful it is.  A regular blender usually gives you bigger chucks of ice. This is because it does not have the blade and the power to crush ice.


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