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What is a Blender? A blender is one of the most overlooked kitchen appliances. Although you can definitely perform basic kitchen processes without a blender, one should never disregard the many health benefits that a blender machine can offer. Contrary to what others think, blenders can do things that other kitchen tools cannot. This is having a high quality blender is essential. Generally, the uses of blender are to simply emulsify, puree and mix food. However, the continuous advancement in technology allowed further developments in high performing blenders. Today’s blenders can now crush, grind, mince and even turn solid foods into its powder form. Aside from simply mixing foods, high performing blenders can also do things that basic kitchen tools can do.

Reasons for Choosing a Blender
1. Saves time and a healthy option
Most often than not, we find ourselves in a rush. With a blender, you simply need a few minutes to make yourself a cup of freshly blended ‘green’ vegetable smoothie which is both filling and healthy.
2. Fibers of a green smoothie act like “chimney sweepers”
Did you know that green smoothies have a cleansing effect on our bowels? As the fiber from what you put in the blender is not lost, you get a ‘chimney sweeping’ effect. Do you have constipation problem? If you do, you definitely need to try drinking green smoothies as it will help cleanse your body on the way out.
3. Blenders are easier to maintain and clean
A blender is easier to maintain and clean compared to a regular juicer. Besides, you can make smoothies anytime you like without cutting the fruits or vegetables – all you have to do is to put what you want to blend in the jar and blend them.
4. Smoothies are great for your child who dislikes vegetables
Get creative and learn to make green smoothies for your child who hates eating greens. Most children are not eating enough vegetables and fruits. By using a blender, you can even mix and match fruits or vegetables to please your child’s taste buds.
5. Make jam, sauces, soups, and ice-blended beverages
With a quality blender, you can make other things besides smoothies such as shakes, jam, soups, crushed ice and ice-blended beverages. You can even make dessert or thick creamy soups with a blender.
6. Add yogurt and super foods (supplements) into your smoothies
One of the many advantages of making a smoothie is that you can add in nuts, wheat germ and supplements to the taste. This is ideal for those who are health conscious.
7. Convenience
If you prefer convenience, you should choose a blender over a juicer as most regular juicers takes time to clean and wash after usage. You might find that a hassle and the juicer might end up unused inside your cupboard. With a blender, you will be more motivated to use it since it is so much more convenient.
8. Make regular healthy green smoothie and reverse diabetes
A high quality blender machine can make delicious and nutritious green smoothies, which will also help reverse your diabetes. Smoothie recipes are usually included when you purchase the blender, and there are recipes for high blood pressure and other ailments as well.

Once you begin to explore what you can make with one like the Vitamix Blender and become experienced at it, you are on your way to keeping you and your family healthy for sure.

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