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You don’t want to expose your little one to the chemicals in ready-made baby food. Now, you can eliminate all those worries away because Vitamix blender will help you make what you exactly want for your baby – vegetables, fruits and so on.

Okay, the blender has a three horsepower motor and is powerful and versatile, but what about its maintenance? I anticipate that question more than you think I did. It was also a part of what I considered before
getting my hands on this super machine.

It is very easy; just make sure that you don’t get your finger anywhere near the blades or you might cut it accidentally. All you need is to follow the complete instructions when cleaning the container. At the very least, put a small amount of water to the container and then add some liquid soap. Turn the machine on and blend at highest speed so that it self-cleans in less than a minute.

All machines will overheat if you overuse or overwork it at once. In my case, I don’t use the blender more than five minutes continuously. But then, you don’t need to worry because the machine automatically shuts off in the event of overheating.

How it works: The thermal override will start kicking to turn the motor off before anything bad happens to it. The motor will then cool and start running again, so you should not worry.

Vitamix VitaPrep3 BlenderREMINDER: Do not forget turning the dial down before turning the machine on the next time that you use it. I know this sounds common advice, but it will help you much. Or else, it will overflow especially if you left it at top speed before switching it on.

How about the noise
Okay, another issue to address – does power also translate to noise? Not really with this Vitaprep3 machine. It is quiet that you won’t even notice it is working. There is no exaggeration here. Compared to other powerful blenders, this is absolutely quieter than any of them are.

So far, everything is good about Vitamix Vitaprep3. If we were to spend on an expensive blender, I believe nothing will beat the super blender that gives us all that power in the kitchen and that ability to hone our chef skills. And with the healthy lifestyle to help us with, need I say more?


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