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Who says healthy eating has to be boring? And who thinks diet foods have to be tasteless? For the many of us, the sound of dieting and healthy eating can make us cringe to the bones. It is no wonder why. As growing children, many of us might have been introduced to boring fruits and vegetables (No many people know what a good blender can do.)

But growing up, I realized that I was gaining weight, not being healthy and eating too much of the bad stuff (fast food, preserved food and junk food). So as I noticed how my waistline was becoming wider and my numbers on the weighing scale were increasing, I reflected and said, “I have to do something.”

So there, I hit the gym, joined marathons and started eating healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits, which at that time preparation was the same each day (Peel, slice, eat…). But I kept up with the healthy diet, no matter how boring it was. I must admit that I found little satisfaction from that diet and wonder why junk foods taste much, much better than it healthy food does.

Well, I guess I am not alone on this thought, am I? But before going about our review of the Vitamix E310, let’s talk about healthy eating and the modern dweller.


Nutrient deficiencies are a common problem among young adults 20 and above. No wonder, we’re always busy – dealing with our workloads, deadlines and pressures. But let us not make those as excuses not to be healthy and happy. (Yes, health is directly associated with happiness. Who would be happy when sick and in the hospital? That’s not all though. When we’re unhealthy, we’re also at risk to various chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes or even heart disease that can limit our abilities and things to do.)

But we never have to deal with these things if we would take some time to reflect and review our diet. It won’t also hurt to get started little by little…small steps at a time. First, let’s start with a healthy diet. This time around though, it won’t involve tasteless options. We’re going to add more life to our fruits and vegetables and make them tastier and healthier, and our tummies happier!

Prepare the healthy stuff with Vitamix! With it, we won’t throw the nutrients to the bin when we’re cooking. Plus, cooking also destroys the nutrients due to heat. Coming with it are the vitamins, including vitamin C.

A Vitamix can keep those and nourish us. Blending orange, lime or pineapple, we just have to dump them into the blender and keep all the nutrients there. We also keep the fiber in fruits, such as pineapple. Fiber is good for healthy digestion because it flushes out the toxins our intestines collect, and those toxins can make us sick.

However, an ordinary blender won’t help us keep these nutrients and fibers intact, sad to say. What we need is a good one, a more expensive type with strong and long-lasting features and qualities. Well, ordinary blenders can also be useful to an extent. However, many are less powerful – not being able to keep up with heavy demands and blending harder foods. In short, they cannot help us grind the nutritious fibers and make us the delicious smoothies and shakes.

And to ease it further, we even have to turn the machine off constantly to stir the content. Plus, with so much hassle, we also have to crush the ice first before putting them into the blender. That’s so much time you could imagine. A low-powered blender, without even saying, won’t suit our busy lifestyle, ever. I understand, if just like me, you would grow tired of frustration and the excruciating process before getting the smoothie ready. From that, you’re probably thinking, “Eating healthy is too much of the hard work and waste of time.”

Not at all, I must say. If you could use a powerful blender, which can cut the entire time, needed by more than 80%. You can imagine the convenience of just dumping your favorite fruits and vegetables, pouring milk and dropping some ice into the blender’s container, and then turning it on for that super fast smoothie ready in less than a minute! So, which blender is powerful to give us that convenience?

There are 3 Vitamix home model available in Singapore; E310, AS2500 and the AS3500 Ascent Series for your selection. While there are other types and models out there, I won’t recommend them as much as I would this blender, which is classy and powerful to blend whatever you put on it.

If you have any query on which model to choose, just contact Jenny hp: (65) 8182 3325


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