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The Omega Vert 352 & Vrt 402 are heavy-duty juicers that come with the unique Ultem Auger, a feature that makes it more durable than ordinary plastic screens found in many juicer models on the market today. If you’re unsure on whether to buy it or not for your juicing needs, check out this review.

Product Features

  • Comes in an elegant design, which can look good on any countertop
  • Built with a slow 80 RPM speed, which can reduce friction, oxidation, and heat of food and can preserve the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass, among others
  • Produces better and fresh juice to ensure that users can get great-tasting and healthier juice. With the Omega Juicer, you get less foaming and frothing
  • Comes with a quick-clean design, which is perfect for busy juicers. Users can just pour water into it and let it clean itself if users would switch juicing fruits and vegetables.
  • Has a self-cleaning juicing screen, which is like a wiper of a car that can ensure that the juicing screen keeps out pulp so users can get a higher juice yield or product
  • Has a space-saving design due to its vertical design that can let people enjoy juicing without taking up much counter space.
  • Comes at the dual stage juicing design, which can result to the perfect juice extraction. First of all, the Ultem Auger can support the crushing stage of food before it gets squeeze again for the second stage of pressing

What Comes in the Box?

  • Manual
  • Two-piece juicing cups
  • Auto-cleaning screen holder
  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Fine and coarse dual stage juicing strainer or screen
  • Regular cleaning brush

What Users Are Saying About the Omega Heavy Duty Juicers?

Many of them say that the juicers are very strong and long-lasting and that they especially love the Ultem feature that makes the juicer even more unique as compared to many juicers on the market. Other users mentioned in reviews that they appreciate the product’s ten-year warranty while others like the heavy-duty motor that comes with this product.

Other users are saying that this juicer does not take up much of their kitchen space and they love its vertical design. Many of them reveal that this product has an elegant design that they appreciate. Other people are saying that the product is lightweight at 20 pounds. Overall, majority of the product users are happy with their purchase.

Final Recommendation

Due to the elegant design, powerful motor, and self-cleaning features, it’s worth anyone’s investment. Besides, its Ultem feature makes it more unique than other slow juicer models of today.

Nothing can be compared with the Omega brand and up to now it remains a top choice among the health-conscious individuals who desire to make the best quality juices.

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