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It’s no secret that the American economy is in shambles right now, so why are blender sales up? In this brief article, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons why blenders are selling really well right now. Hopefully but the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have learned a thing or two about the versatility of these amazing kitchen appliances!

1. People Want to Improve Their Health – The average American diet leaves a lot to be desired, and using a blender to make healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies (otherwise known as “green smoothies”) can lead to weight loss and overall improved wellness.

2. To Save Time – Blending can dramatically decrease the time it takes to prepare food in the kitchen, and more parents are catching on to this secret! A blender is the perfect appliance for busy people on the go.

3. Increased Vegetarian Converts – As more people drop their high fat diets to become more health conscious vegetarians, blenders are a natural beneficiary. Blending fruits and veggies is a favorite activity of vegetarians worldwide.

4. Weight Loss – Using a blender to make low fat, low calorie shakes made of fruit and vegetables can help when it comes to losing weight.

5. A Shift to Organic Foods – As more individuals become educated on what really goes into our store bought foods, they naturally begin to buy more organic food that is healthier and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Organically grown fruits and vegetables make delicious fresh smoothies when blended!

Hopefully this short article has provided you with some food for thought if you don’t currently own a blender. Blending is a lot of fun and is extremely healthy, give it a try!



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