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You probably know what the Vitamix blender is all about, seen it in action and have seen the price tag too. It’s not cheap for most of us including myself therefore you probably want to know Vitamix pros and cons before you decide to buy it.

Here is my honest review hope it helps answer some of your queries:

Vitamix Pros:

Extremely powerful! Powerful enough to blend whole fruit and vegetables so all the nutritious benefits are intact and consumable. There is no wastage, I do believe this is the top of the list brand blender on the market that can break down its entirety. When fruits are over-ripe I will toss them in the blender instead and can’t even taste it’s over ripeness. Unbelievably fast to make delicious smoothies, soups, sauces etc.

It can even make scrambled eggs in 5 minutes or less. My jug is a 2 litre jug so it’s enough to supply for family of four. There are easy reading marking on the jug. Why I love it is that I don’t have any problem with the blade in all these years that I’ve had it which has been over 12 years. It’s very easy to use, just change the speed with a simple switch. It cuts, blends, mixes, juices and grinds (including crushing ice). Self cleans in 20 seconds or less.

Vitamix Cons:
It is expensive but when I think about its durability all these years with no faults whatsoever, for me it has been the best investment for my family’s health and well-being.

Loud – If I switch the speed to ‘high’ it is very loud but that is expected from any powerful machines so do take that into consideration and think of others.
Not easy to store away – With the tall jug it’s not easy to store away if you have limited kitchen storage or cabinet space. Blended food ideally consume immediately. As with all cut fruit/veg when it’s left standing it will start decaying unless it’s placed in the freezer.

Vitamix Pros and Cons Verdict
For me, the Vitamix has completely changed our family’s eating lifestyle (even more than I expected as the kids are eating so much more fruit and vegetables) and it’s definitely the way forward to begin a healthy lifestyle. I also recommend it for those who want to lose weight. I’ve never seen it as a chore to eat healthy on a daily basis since using the Vitamix and by no means am I a disciplined eater, I don’t deprive myself of my goodies.

So, if you ask me, “Is the Vitamix blender worth buying?” I think you already know my answer!!! As long as there is balance you find that you live a happier and healthier life. Let’s get real…you can’t give your kids French fries and call it a vegetable, you need color on the plate, healthy kids also need balanced meal.


I’ve always found that this is an incredible gift to friends and family especially those with children. My customers tell me how they used to struggle getting their children to eat fruit let alone vegetables but somehow they love it in a smoothie and sneak a few leafy greens in it they won’t even know it. Parents, don’t be shocked when your kids are not throwing it back at you, your struggle of fruit/veg war with the kids are over!

Considered giving this as a gift to your parents/grandparents or someone who have a health issue? It will make their daily cooking chores a lot easier and you’ll be encouraging them to eat towards a healthier lifestyle.
But what I love about the Vitamix is that it’s safe and easy to use…it took me 5-10 minutes to show my grandmother how to use it.


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