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Vitamix Vita-Prep3: The Professional Chefs Power Tool with its powerful peak HP motor and large cooling fan, the Vita-Prep 3 is trusted by chefs and culinary schools around the world.

Designed for preparing foods from aromatic, flavorful salsa to dense, delicious pesto, the Vita-Prep 3 is the only tool capable of perfectly chopping, grinding, and blending it all.vita prep 3

One Happy Customer:
Business at the Bar-B-Que stand is so good I recently upgraded to the “Vitamix Vita Prep 3” for our food prep area. This helpful beast, has a 3 horsepower motor and will chop, grind, blend, or puree any ingredient that is ever likely to be found in our kitchen. This rascal has some very serious torc, both at low speeds and high.

I can grind chunks of hard spices, nuts, seeds, and any vegetable imaginable. With its large selection of variable speeds it can even be used for making smoked meat pate. I have already found it to be vastly superior for making my “secret bar-b-que suace”. This monster’s 3 HP motor can chop large amounts of the toughest vegetables without slowing down or overheating. This is a major feature since no one likes to worry about a critical piece of equipment failing at the wrong time, which is of course any time it breaks down.

The Vitamix vita prep eliminates this concern and replaces it with confidence. I know this blender will always be there when it is needed. My wife and I have owned 1/2 a dozen blenders in the past, and one after another they let us down.

We really grew to dread the smell of overheated electrical motors and the sound of gear teeth that no longer meshed correctly. This blender is known to outlast many other commercial models by a ratio of 3:1. It is fortunate that the vita prep 3 is made with a heavy base to give it stability when you punch in that 3 horse power motor, which really does produce some incredible torc.

This is the most powerful blender and food processor available on the market. With the solid, heavy-weigh construction, there is no need to secure it from vibrating off the table or counter top. It will stay where is.

My wife and I are considering using our Vita Prep 3 to produce some “down home” types of soups and stews to add to our menu. I think they would be especially good sellers and my wife and her friends are lobbying for a cold leak soup and open faced sandwich special. I think we can think up a different cold soup and sandwich special for every day of the week without too much trouble.

It is always important to keep the ladies happy. We are also exploring the possibilities of chilled or frozen beverages and deserts to add to our menu selections. This vita-prep can be used to make tasty and refreshing smoothies and other cold treats.

I am really looking forward to using it to make homemade jams, fillings for pies, and most important of all, cobblers! I have always enjoyed cooking and feeding people and I find a true and deep satisfaction in it.

Owning our own bar-b-que restaurant was a life long dream, and my wife and I are incredibly fortunate and blessed to have achieved it. Having good customers and employees, many of whom have become true friends, is likewise a wonderful treasure.

I am confident and secure knowing the VitaPrep3 will help these blessings continue to grow far into the future.

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