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Professional blenders can drastically change whatever you want to put in them. These blenders work fast and efficiently and they are nearly indestructible. And if you can get it in the blender, it will blend it.

One of the most popular brand is the Vitaprep3 and they are used in restaurants, bars, hotels and catering companies. Because their price are not cheap and average households are usually not willing to put that much money into a blender for personal use.

People love to use them, and do so often, and see the price as a good investment so they buy the commercial blenders for its high horsepower. The professional blender will allow you to make smoothies much faster and the consistency will be noticeably smoother and, best of all, the blender will last longer. They are expensive but well worth it. Ice will blend quick and easy.

These machines have a powerful force that will make you blink as you see it blend efficiently and quickly everything you put in it. Another reason to buy a commercial blender is their longevity. They last, and last.
The Vitamix Vitaprep3 blender comes with three years warranty. Once you start blending you will soon find yourself wanting to blend everything!


vitamix the quiet one

Vitamix Vitaprep3


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