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Are you looking for a tough commercial blender to last long and to sustain the needs of your restaurant, hotel or food chain? If so, you might have heard of the Omega BL630S Blender that works under pressure and produce the highest quality of blended foods. It has the power, capacity and durability you have been looking for your establishment, where delicious healthy blends are made. Its construction is combined with accurate controls making it a TRUE OMEGA BRAND.

Omega Blender BL632LOmega BL630S Blender: A Quick Look

Using this commercial blender, you will have plenty of options in making great blended drinks for your customers, allowing you to make a good name for yourself and for your business, but of course, that is also possible if you would be using high quality ingredients, including raw and organic fruits and vegetables. When it comes to blending for your business, the better way to go may be using the Omega BL630S Blender. Outrun the competition now by making use of this commercial quality blender for your food and restaurant establishment.

Speed Control & Pre-Set Blending Time

More so, the commercial blender comes with an easy to use speed controller allowing you complete control of the machine. On one hand, there is also the timer control knob that will shut off the blender automatically after preset times has been reached letting you do other things rather than babysitting it.

In addition to having automatic controllers, the machine also comes with a BPA-free container and sound dampening pad something valuable for health as well as for juice bars, hotels and restaurants. You should not forget that the product also comes with `10 years of warranty, although this may vary from seller to seller specifications. For that, you may want to review and study your options.

Strong Horsepower Motor

No matter what kind of food you want to blend with this blender, you don’t have to worry! It can process even the most demanding of salsas, smoothies and soups. There will not be any problem because this product is made to last and to keep up with high demands in a busy food establishment.

Unique Container Design

Outperforming other commercial blenders, the Omega BL630S Blender comes with a uniquely designed container ensuring its maximum ability to blend products with the right consistency and quality.

With it, you have a multitude of choice products to make with so much convenience you could not get from other juicers on the market. If you want only a top-performing and long-lasting blender for business, check out this Omega product from reputable online stores now. With one-touch of a button, you can blend salsas, soups, iced drinks, smoothies and so much more in a couple of seconds, so why wait?

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