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Vitamix E310

Vitamix VitaPrep3

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Vitamix 5200 (Black)
vitamix 5200 stainless steel

Vitamix Containers Available

vitamix containers

Compare Juicer With Blender

Juicer vs Blender

Hard Cover Smoothies Formula $75/-

smoothies formula

Smoothie Formulas: is our 5-Star smoothie recipe book. TASTE of literally thousands of HIGH-PHYTOCHEMICAL smoothies
was condensed “into the best 95 formulas”. Includes healing smoothies for specific diseases based on CAD book.

Hard Cover Food Healing Book $99/-

Food Healing Book

Conquering ANY Disease: has time-tested “Food-Healing Protocols” for Anti-Viral, Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer/Immunity,
Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and more. IF you only get 1 book… get the red one.

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