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Make Smoothies, Juices, Soups & Frozen Treats In 5 Minutes or Less!


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A blender is one of the most overlooked kitchen appliances. Some people even think of food and fruit blenders as a waste of money. Although you can definitely perform basic kitchen processes without a blender, one should never disregard the many health benefits that a blender machine can offer. Contrary to what others think, blenders can do things that other kitchen tools cannot. This is having a high quality blender is essential.

What is a Blender?

Generally, the uses of blender are to simply emulsify, puree and mix food. However, the continuous advancement in technology allowed further developments in high performing blenders. Today’s blenders can now crush, grind, mince and even turn solid foods into its powder form. Aside from simply mixing foods, high performing blenders can also do things that basic kitchen tools can do.

Reasons for Choosing a Blender

1. Saves time and a healthy option

Most often than not, we find ourselves in a rush. With a blender, you simply need a few minutes to make yourself a cup of freshly blended ‘green’ vegetable smoothie which is both filling and healthy.

2. Fibers of a green smoothie act like “chimney sweepers”

Did you know that green smoothies have a cleansing effect on our bowels? As the fiber from what you put in the blender is not lost, you get a ‘chimney sweeping’ effect. Do you have constipation problem? If you do, you definitely need to try drinking green smoothies as it will help cleanse your body on the way out.

3. Blenders are easier to maintain and clean

A blender is easier to maintain and clean compared to a regular juicer. Besides, you can make smoothies anytime you like without cutting the fruits or vegetables – all you have to do is to put what you want to blend in the jar and blend them.

4. Smoothies are great for your child who dislikes vegetables

Get creative and learn to make green smoothies for your child who hates eating greens. Most children are not eating enough vegetables and fruits. By using a blender, you can even mix and match fruits or vegetables to please your child’s taste buds.

5. Make jam, sauces, soups, and ice-blended beverages

With a quality blender, you can make other things besides smoothies such as shakes, jam, soups, crushed ice and ice-blended beverages. You can even make dessert or thick creamy soups with a blender.

6. Add yogurt and super foods (supplements) into your smoothies

One of the many advantages of making a smoothie is that you can add in nuts, wheat germ and supplements to the taste. This is ideal for those who are health conscious.

7. Convenience

If you prefer convenience, you should choose a blender over a juicer as most regular juicers takes time to clean and wash after usage. You might find that a hassle and the juicer might end up unused inside your cupboard. With a blender, you will be more motivated to use it since it is so much more convenient.

8. Make regular healthy green smoothie and reverse diabetes

A high quality blender machine can make delicious and nutritious green smoothies, which will also help reverse your diabetes. Smoothie recipes are usually included when you purchase the blender, and there are recipes for high blood pressure and other ailments as well.

Once you begin to explore what you can make with a Vitamix blender and become experienced at it, you are on your way to keeping you and your family healthy for sure.

green smoothie | fruit smoothieThere are many quality blenders on the market today. If you’re looking for a high performance blender and one that will last you for a long time, you really can’t go wrong choosing the Vitamin 5200. Among a few models Vitamix 5200 is still the flagship model designed for home use.  Great blenders with an excellent quality, with 7 years warranties & outstanding performance. Many customers still prefer the Vita-mix blender for its simplicity.

This blender can perform many functions from fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies to making Chinese herbs, hot soups, ice cream, almond milk and so much more..


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 Vitamix 5200 –  Simply the Best World Class Blender!

It is easy to use, and all you have to do is to just SWITCH ON the button,  and let the blender do its job automatically and turns it off whenever it’s done!

Vitamix  – A high-end blender and, frankly, it is not cheap. But look at the quality it don’t look cheap either! It is still the best blender in the world and many have used it in smoothie cafes, restaurants, and the famous Starbucks.

It does blend anything from smoothies, soups, grind coffee beans and so much more! When it comes to cleaning it is very easy and hassle free! There are three(3) beautiful colors; Red, Black & White to choose from. There is also a choice of stainless steel color base (stainless steel cost SGD$100 more) to choose from and all the color really stands out in the kitchen.

It is a perfect gift for your loved ones, parents or grandparents, for college students who do not cook. Also suitable for restaurant owners, vegans, vegetarians, or for any health nuts!

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 Vitamix Model 5200 (Total Nutrition Center)

This package includes:
• An Informational DVD – (Vitamix)
• 300 Page Recipe Book in English – (Vitamix)
• Instruction Manual – (Vitamix)
• Accelerator Tool – (Vitamix)
• 7 Year Machine Repair Warranty

 Special Introductory Price

Red, Black, White Motor Base (Now S$1,288)

Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Motor Base (Now S$1,388) NEW!

 warranty manual vitamix

To order, simply contact Ms Jenny Lim hp: 8182 3325 for same day delivery.

Free Delivery for BlendtecFor week end (Saturday & Sunday) delivery please make confirmation by Friday 3pm.


Why Choose Vitamix 5200?

Vitamix 5200 Blender is the all-in-one appliance that makes delicious fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, margaritas, cappuccinos, soups, dressings, sauces, bread dough, salsas & so much more!

It replaces up to 9 appliances with one quick easy-to-use touch button, at just a fraction of the cost.
–  #1 Most versatile and cost effective blender
–  Great for smoothies, shakes, soups, ice creams, spreads, baby food & more..
–  Vitamix breaks through cell walls of fruits and vegetables to release all vitamins and nutrients
–  Commercial-quality 1,560-watt counter top blender with 2 peak horse-power
–  52cm tall (2L container), 22.25cm deep, 18.5cm wide, 4.95 kg weight
–  7 years warranty, dvd, recipe book, manual & accelerator tool

The Vita-Mix TNC (Total Nutrition Center) has more functionality than any blender. Its processing power may significantly enhance nutrient intake from whole foods giving you all the vitamins and nutrients you need each day. This efficient counter top appliance works great for whipping up smoothies, mixing frozen drinks, blending pureed soups and baby food, stirring up spreads, salsas, and more. You will never need another blender!


Vita-Mix (TNC) Features:
• An extremely POWERFUL 2 HORSEPOWER MOTOR and BLADES that turn at 22,000 RPM making it QUICK AND EASY to prepare wholesome and nutritious recipes for the whole family.
• VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL for chopping, whipping, blending, stirring and pureeing.
• 12-SIDED STEEL MOTOR COUPLING ensures that the power is efficiently transferred to the blades.
• The 2 LITRE JUG SQUARE BASE ENABLES THE UNIQUE CUTTING ACTION and GIVES YOU ENOUGH CAPACITY to make drinks and foods for the whole family.
• PATENTED SPILL-PROOF VENTED LID that is super-secure, with a REMOVABLE PLUG for adding ingredients while the machine is running.


To order, please contact Ms Jenny Lim h/p: (+65) 8182 3325 for FREE Home Delivery.



  • You can buy Vitamix Blenders from online foreign vendors (although it may be at least a hundred dollars cheaper, but warranty issues may be a problem sooner or later). You need to purchase an appropriate transformer (not cheap too) in order for it to work in Singapore otherwise it will be damaged due to the voltage difference.
  • Our Vitamix blenders are imported into Singapore directly from Vitamix U.S.A & all units are built with parts specifically manufactured and designed for usage in Singapore, including mostly importantly the correct power voltage.  If you’re buying for usage here, DO NOT buy from foreign individual sellers as they might be potentially dangerous when it is not in line with the power here.
  • Online vendors do not provide the 7 years warranty if the machine needs to be repaired. Finally there is the import & customs duties and GST on your order over SGD400. That’s why it cost cheaper, this is one factor you may have overlooked.
  • Our delivery time is flexible (evening latest 10:00pm). Simply let us know what time you want it delivered and we get it to you.

Warranty: Making Sure You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth

As this machine has a very powerful motor, special precautionary steps have been taken by Vitamix to ensure it conforms to the power voltage here and safe to use.






Last Updated:  25th February 2017


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